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Important Resources For Your SMSF


                             November 2017

SMSF Clarity with Many Facets


Important Resources For Your SMSF


SMSFCom continues to bring you new and important resources for your SMSF. Taking time to review information and topics concerning trustees is going to keep you informed and on top of relevant issues.

Here are some articles and links that you may want to have a closer look at


An article from the ATO, of interest specific to SMSFs is about the “Super Changes for Self-Managed Super Funds”

If you still have questions about the general super changes, you can clarify with these ATO website articles before you go see your financial adviser or accountant to ask more educated and informed questions. This process could save you time and quite possibly money.


Eagle Accounting-Cairns sourced a link from ATO about claiming deductions for personal super contributions. Are you eligible?  Click here. This appears to be for individuals. Maybe it can help family and friends!

Eagle Accounting  






Voulla Flaskos of Source Accounting brought to our attention, on the Source Accounting facebook page:     Source Accounting Brisbane





How do you check on a financial planner? By checking the Moneysmart financial advisers register. Click or copy and paste this link:

Thanks Voulla

This among other great information reveals more on financial advisers and what they can do for you.

Moneysmart also has a booklet you can download “Financial Advice and You

Click on or copy and paste the following url link:


 Whats New !

FNQ Finance GuySMSF Community Welcomes two new guest articles from FNQ Finance Guy from Owen Waters of Cairns  "4 Tips to Save Time Money Hassle When Applying For a Loan"  


“Getting Finance Ready – 8 Things a Bank Will Look At When Assessing Loans”

 Great tips, thanks Owen !


Interested in investing in property? Easy Super has a blog article “5 Things You Need To Understand Before Buying Property With Super

You can also access a free E-book from Easy Super  “5 Steps To Know Before You Buy an Investment Property Using Your Self-Managed Super Fund” found on the Easy Super Homepage.       Easy Super  






Our newest supporter MSI Taylor Wealth Management has a great blog you may want to visit.

 They also have free Ebooks for every age group  at the bottom of the MSI Education resource page.

 MSI has also been active in the community and we, at SMSF Community, like to herald these accomplishments !
MSI Taylor Wealth Management



MSI Taylor is proud to once again compete in The Battle, a beach volleyball competition to help raise funds for research into gynaecological cancers.   MSI really appreciates your support. This year, MSI created a page in support of Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation.

During this time, the 9 members of MSI gave everything:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.
  • Received 35 donations from generous family and friends.
  • Raised $1,632.22.

Congratulations on a job well done !

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