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SMSF Community is committed to providing a safe and secure site as an invaluable resource for starting and exploring your SMSFs needs in one convenient and time-saving site including:

As a Gold Member  (Paid Member) only 99. p/y. Check for promo codes on for featured specials.

1)   Use our innovative dashboard - Dolphin IQ  for your convenience and peace of     mind, to keep track of your SMSF Network along with other great tools. Explore the Dashboard to find other useful products that can be purchased as accessories to your portfolio.

2)   As a realtor, promote your listings - $60. for 60 days with full control of your listing! 

      Gold Members can also list private properties *. 

Free Benefits

3)   Our innovative site gives you the listings for caring SMSF Experts/Professionals in your area which can help you with your SMSF.

4)  A free monthly e-newsletter, SMSFCom, containing the most pertinent  hot topics. Register now for your FREE e-newsletters.  

5)  Search the realty application where you can find Independent Investment Properties for your personal portfolio or your SMSF.

6)    We have created a Facebook group page just for you, designed to interact with SMSF Community, experts or other Trustees.  Comment or ask questions. 

7)   Our blogs and guest blogs are full of information from relevant sources and professionals around the nation to help you find and protect your SMSF assets which means that you can keep up-to-date with the information and legislative changes for the month. Register today to receive FREE blogs.

 8)   There are NO outside pop-up ads.  

 9)   We have a LINKS page to the ATO SMSF advisory pages and other  helpful government agencies. Check out the latest videos on the bottom of our homepage from the ATO and the ABOUT US video!

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properties* Must be in the member's name or your SMSF otherwise to list properties you must be a Real Estate Agent.