FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website subscription tax deductable?

Yes, alternatively you can use funds from your SMSF to pay.

Can I purchase insurance through SMSFs?

Yes, you can purchase life/disability insurance for trustees as well as insurance for SMSF investments.

What does it cost to set up a non-corporate SMSF?

The basic cost is approximately $900. The breakdown is about $600 for the fund name and $300 for documentation and accountant fees. This amount can vary depending on your circumstances and needs.

Who can help me set up my SMSF?

A good accountant can help you transition into a SMSF. See the LINKS button for a list of accountants and other professional services in your area.

What will I receive with my SMSF Community subscription?

SMSF Community maintains an easy-to-navigate Forum where original and innovative ideas, questions and answers are exchanged. There is also a monthly newsletter that has great tips and informative and insightful information.