How the Experts Track and Research Their Stock Market Investments

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Historically, investing in the stock market like a professional has been restricted to the 1% of traders with access to extremely expensive research and advanced investing software.

The internet is now democratising share investing by providing immediate access to price sensitive insights for all investors. From Wall Street investment bankers to retired SMSF operators, the tools of the trade are now accessible to everyone.

Regardless of where you do your broking (if you’re Australian, that’s most likely to be Commsec), the go-to source of company information for SMSF investors is the ASX.

Listed Australian businesses like Woolworth’s, BHP and the banks are all required by a continuous disclosure obligation to submit any business-sensitive announcements as well as insider trades, dividends and annual reports to the market via our exchange.

When they do, the PDF document for that data is published straight to the ASX’s website:

These announcements are equally important to traders as they are to long term buy and hold investors and some announcements are far more important than others such as those that are marked ‘Price Sensitive’.

Expert research analysts will watch this page all day, refreshing it every five minutes to try and get an edge on the market. This is a huge improvement on the days of old when the information was printed and published in newspapers and magazines and we had to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

But now, technology has finally delivered a better way.

You can download the official ‘ASX’ app and it will list all the company announcements for you to scan.

Or even better, you can now download Australia’s #1 stocks app StockLight to your phone or tablet and set up your own customised watchlist to track your portfolio. With StockLight premium, you will then be sent a push notification straight to your phone whenever important information relevant to you is released.

Putting the power of wall street straight in your pocket, StockLight has helped over 100k Australian investors track their holdings, download it now to put your investing on track. Backed by our 15 day free trial.

Download StockLight now for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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SMSF Community disclaimer: This article was submitted and published by permission from Stocklight and is for general information only.

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