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Who is SMSF Community?

 We are SMSF Trustees who have designed and generated a site for SMSF Trustees to inspire, support and educate those wanting or who have Self-Managed Super Funds. When a structure is community based, we can all benefit from shared knowledge and experience.

We are part of a Self-Managed Super Fund Community, 500,000 plus strong and growing nationwide.

SMSF Community has been accepted into the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, participating in the business community.  We are expanding nationwide to assist the SMSF industry.

We offer:

1.  A website serving you as a time-saving measure for your busy lifestyle.

2.  Free SMSFCom (Communication) e-newsletter, and blog articles from us and experts around the nation.

3. An unbiased and convenient list of Industry Professionals to choose from.

4. An independent list of Tradespeople to assist in your investment property needs partnering through

5. A minimal subscription price to an invaluable service as a Gold Member which offers the Smart SMSF Dashboard, Dolphin IQ and the realty app for private* and professional* use.

Who are we?

Kevin Connolly and Ginger Connolly are confident and educated SMSF Trustees. Our experience with our own fund has been a positive move for our retirement fund and our lives.

Our goal is to educate and inform others wanting or running their own Self-Managed Super Funds. 

Through, we will convey critical information needed for SMSF endeavours which may save our members time and grief.



Kevin Connolly - Founder and Executive Manager of SMSF Community

Kevin is hardworking, driven, and tenacious individual with outstanding work ethics having graduated from the 'real world'. As a SMSF trustee himself, Kevin’s research lead him to conclude the information currently available to trustees is scattered and incomplete in many cases driving him to create a better way to compile SMSF information. Kevin’s community spirit spurs him to support the SMSF trustees and the businesses that support those trustees.

As a previous and current business owner as well as a property investor and a renovation expert, Kevin has the ability to identify problems and solutions.


Ginger Connolly - Co-Founder and Executive Manager of SMSF Community

 has a multi-talented background with a down-to-earth nature. Pioneering in the labour and construction industry at a young age, Ginger has a love for working smart with a common sense attitude. At the age of 48, she undertook a University Degree in Science, graduating in three years. Facts play an important role in Ginger’s world helping to create a website for SMSF trustees and the SMSF industry that will make a difference.  




Understanding SMSF Needs:

We all want to save time. How does SMSF Community help? We concentrate information by assembling a vast majority of resources in one convenient website. 

We all have a story to tell with many of the same questions and concerns regarding an SMSF. Through networking and the exchange of dialogue based within our website, we can challenge ourselves to engage the investing community as a whole. This is the mission of SMSF Community. We are dedicated to our goal of bringing together those who are seeking knowledge with those who are willing to impart their experience in the SMSF community at large.

Our goal is to provide unbiased, tangible resources based on facts presented through various mediums as a time-saving measure.

We connect you through our free SMSFCom Newsletter, articles along with the Gold Member Forum. Engage in identifying problems and presenting tangible facts with a respectful social outlet. You can make more informed decisions in various aspects of your SMSF and avoid mistakes that could cost you money.

Our Personal Story:

We started our Self-Managed Fund after the Global Financial Crisis. We lost money in our managed super fund, and as we looked at our financial and personal situation, we thought we could do a better job of running our retirement fund.  After all, we lost nearly everything we had put into the fund that year and they charged a lot of money in fees for the privilege.  

Why Did We Form This Website?

ASIC  suggests diversification is the key to a strong investment portfolio. When we started our own fund, we began investigating some of the optional investment ideas.

We came across some information that was incomplete about a particular investment. It became obvious the individual circumstances came into play. We looked for answers such as how it was done and whether it within the ATO guidelines. Combing through various mediums after much time and effort, we discovered the investment was not the right avenue for our SMSF.

We soon realised that people need a more convenient avenue to seek to find sources and valuable information. At SMSF Community we are working hard to consolidate information and resources for you.


Benefits of Membership


SMSF Community is committed to providing a safe and secure site as an invaluable resource for starting and exploring your SMSFs needs in one convenient and time-saving site including:

As a Gold Member  (Paid Member) only 99. p/y. Check for promo codes on for featured specials.

1)   Use our innovative dashboard - Dolphin IQ  for your convenience and peace of mind, to keep track of your SMSF Network along with other great tools. Explore the Dashboard to find other useful products that can be purchased as accessories to your portfolio.

2)   As a realtor, promote your listings - $60. for 60 days with full control of your listing! 

      Gold Members can also list private properties *. 

Free Benefits

3)   Our innovative site gives you the listings for caring SMSF Experts/Professionals in your area which can help you with your SMSF.

4)  A free monthly e-newsletter, SMSFCom, containing the most pertinent  hot topics. Register now for your FREE e-newsletters.  

5)  Search the realty application where you can find Independent Investment Properties for your personal portfolio or your SMSF.

6)    We have created a Facebook group page just for you, designed to interact with SMSF Community, experts or other Trustees.  Comment or ask questions. 

7)   Our blogs and guest blogs are full of information from relevant sources and professionals around the nation to help you find and protect your SMSF assets which means that you can keep up-to-date with the information and legislative changes for the month. Register today to receive FREE blogs.

 8)   There are NO outside pop-up ads.  

 9)   We have a LINKS page to the ATO SMSF advisory pages and other  helpful government agencies. Check out the latest videos on the bottom of our homepage from the ATO and the ABOUT US video!

Connect, Engage and Support your SMSF Community.


private* Must be in the member's name or your SMSF otherwise to list properties you must be a Real Estate Agent.


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