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    Provided is an overview of the start-up steps. The most important step is to choose the structure that suits your individual needs.

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What do we do for you?

SMSF Community is an information resource hub for all things SMSF connecting Business with Trustees, compliance and administration services around the nation.

Before you make the decision to transfer into an SMSF (Self_Managed Super Fund) save time with SMSF Community's evolving education and resources you may need now and in the future.

JOIN US TODAY and start your journey


FIND YOUR SERVICE - Enabling ALL site visitors to find professionals like accountants, financial planners, auditors etc within your geographical area anywhere in Australia

ONLINE SERVICES - Professionals that work from home and are able to take care of your requirements completing all documentation Online

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT PRODUCTS - These are products offered through various companies that you may consider as an investment in your fund

SOFTWARE - Third party software available for sale through SMSF Community

DolphinIQ DASHBOARD - A page connecting you to your professional service providers where you can email directly. Offering calculators and share trading software for purchase

PROPERTY APP - Part of theDolphinIQ dashboard, listing available Investment properties for sale around Australia and an inexpensive opportunity to advertise your own property for sale and market it to the investment community

BLOG - ASIC compliant blog posts either from us or our advertisers bringing you the latest relevant information on past present and future changes to the Self-Managed Super Fund worldNEWSLETTERS - We post newsletters monthly highlighting new innovations in the industry, government changes and general interest.

FACEBOOK GROUP - we have initiated this group as an open forum, available for all to join and ask relevant questions and connect.

INVESTMENT PROPERTIES - Placed on the site from members and real estate agents.

OTHER INNOVATIONS - We are open to developing other tools through suggestions from members and advertisers in line with user enhancement of the site. If you have suggestion please let us know.

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